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Welcome to Facebook symbol, here you’ll find hundreds of Facebook Icons that you can use for your website, chat, MSN, or any other uses.

Emoticons Facebook

Complete list of Emoticons on many device. Please hover on emoticons to see their meanings. And just click on an emoticons to insert to your message.

iCon Facebook Common

icon facebook common

iCon facebook Symbols character format

iCon facebook symbols character format

iCon Simple Character Format

iCon simple character format

iCon Facebook Technology and life

iCon facebook technology and life

iCon Facebook animals and nature

iCon Facebook animals and nature new

iCon Facebook flowers, fruit, food

iCon facebook flowers , fruit, food

iCon Facebook sports and outdoor activities

iCon facebook sports and outdoor, activities

iCon Facebook transportation

iCon facebook transportation new

iCon Facebook flag countries

iCon facebook flag countries new

Icon Facebook

Icon Facebook

We have the perfect icons for every type of Website, it’s our goal to make sure your website has the best Facebook symbol  on it so that your users will click and communicate better with you. Need a specific type of Icon? No problem, you can search by Color and you’ll be taken to a random icon that best fits your requirements.

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Watch your comment threads increase as you customize your posts with this exciting collection of Facebook Emoji symbols!

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Using the symbols is easy! Simply select a Facebook symbol and copy and paste it right into comments on Facebook or on your timeline wall. You’ll ramp up the interest level of all your posts and family and friends will love to see these fun symbols each time you say something new!