Happy Birthday Wishes in Spanish

Happy Birthday Wishes in Spanish : Would you like to wish your friends, sister and sibling cheerful birthday in Spanish dialect or tunes, yet you are not aware of how to say Happy birthday wishes in Spanish ? Try not to stress in light of the fact that in this post I’ve gathered a few birthday tunes, poems and wishes that can be said in Spanish effectively with no distress.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Spanish

There are numerous approaches to discover the Spanish to English interpretation online devices for the Spanish adaptation of upbeat birthday however numerous are not aware of that. Google interpret is the official device that can change over English variant of birthday wishes to happy birthday Spanish. Likewise read how to wish happy birthday in outside dialects.

Happy Birthday Spanish
Happy Birthday Spanish

How do you Wish Happy Birthday in Spanish

Word 1 : Happy birthday
Spanish Translation for Happy Birthday : feliz cumpleaños

Word 2 : Happy birthday to you
Translated Version : feliz cumpleaños a ti

Word 3 : Wish you a  happy birthday
In Spanish : Si desea un feliz cumpleaños


Happy birthday sister : hermana del feliz cumpleaños

Happy birthday brother : feliz cumpleaños hermano

Belated happy birthday wishes to you : feliz cumpleaños tardío desea usted

OK now enough of wishes. How do you say quotes in Spanish for happy birthday ? if you’re not a native Spanish guy/girl then you can learn Spanish in just 60 days there are lot of books available online.

To wish someone Happy birthday quotes in Spanish then here are their meaning and translations :

Happy Birthday In Spanish
Happy Birthday In Spanish

Spanish: ¡Feliz día! Esperamos que pases un día muy feliz en compañía de amigos y familiares.

English: Birthday greetings! We hope you have a great day with all your friends and family.

Spanish: Dios bendiga tu cumpleaños! Que tus sueños se conviertan en realidad.

English: We wish you a blessed birthday! May your dreams become reality.

Spanish: Felicitaciones en tu cumpleaños. Te deseo la mejor de las suertes y mucho éxito.

English: Congratulations on your birthday. I wish you the best of luck and every success.

Spanish: Quisiéramos enviar nuestras felicitaciones . Muchas felicidades!

English: We would like to send you our congratulations. Much happiness!

Spanish: ¡Feliz aniversario a una persona maravillosa!. Que tengas salud y felicidad.

English: Happy Anniversary to a wonderful person. May you always have health and be happy.


Ok if you are aware of the happy birthday song in English :

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear (NAME)
Happy birthday to you

Spanish translation for the Happy birthday song

Cumpleaños feliz
Cumpleaños feliz
Te deseamos todos
Cumpleaños feliz

Now you’ve learnt how to spell happy birthday in Spanish but if you want to give greetings cards to your friends or send wallpapers in Spanish ?
Best Online Greeting Cards for happy birthday cards in Spanish :

Funny Happy birthday Wishes Greeting Card in Spanish

happy birthday in Spanish
happy birthday in Spanish

Happy birthday quotes in Spanish greeting cards and wallpapers

Background Happy birthday in Spanish
Background Happy birthday in Spanish

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Happy birthday in Spanish
Happy birthday in Spanish

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To wish someone a happy birthday in spanish, say te deseo un feliz cumplea? os for friend. Que todos tus deseos se vuelvan realidad means may all your wishes belated.

Happy birthday poem in spanish

If you need sweet birthday poems then you are at right place. No ones ever cared for me as you do, in every way, that is possible only for you happy birthday my love! poem by wishafriend. That rhyme happy birthday grandma poems in spanishkeyword stats. Traditional birthday lyrics funny birthday lyrics spanish birthday lyrics mexico birthday lyrics birthday.


  • Felicidades is a congratulatory statement which is frequently used on birthdays and sometimes during other occasions too.
  • Felicidades is translated most nearly as “congrats” or “all the best.” It is entirely utilized as a interjection, yet it is identified with the Spanish noun felicitaciones, which additionally signifies “congrats.”
  • While it may appear odd inside U.S. society to tell somebody “congrats” on his or her birthday, it is a satisfactory welcome to use in most Spanish-talking nations. You are basically complimenting the single person on the end of one year and begin of a new year of his life. Well different traits you know.
  • say this interjection as fay-lees ee-dah-days.


  • This is an alternate salutary sentence only difference is that it is more birthday-relevant than the interjection felicidades.
  • Felicidades still signifies “congrats” but it is more towards birthday greeting.
  • En highlights “on,” tu is the natural type of the statement for “your,” and día signifies “day.”
  • Note that while talking with somebody you are not on familiar terms with, you should prefer to say “su”—said as  soo”—rather than “tu.” The expression “su” is a more formal method for saying “your” when used in this connection.
  • The whole expression interprets into English as “Congrats on your day!”
  • Articulate the phrase as fay-remains ee-dah-days ehn excessively dee-ah.so use  felicidades for congratulation


  • This statement is very rarely used but  less normal than other celebratory estimations, yet it is the most birthday-particular one you can utilize it.
  • El aniversario is the Spanish method for saying “the anniversary.” as felicidades is for “congratulation”
  • Del is really a blend of “de,” signifying “of,” and “el,” signifying “the.” The “el” is joined with the expression “día,” signifying “day.”
  • The expression “que tu has nacido” translates as “that you were born.” Nacido is a conjugated manifestation of the Spanish verb “nacer,” signifying “to be born.”
  • At the point when assembled all, the expression says, “Congrats on the commemoration(anniversary) of the day on which you were born.”
  • You can affirm this sentence as fay-lees ee-dah-days ehn ehl ah-nee-vers-ahr-ee-oh dehl dee-ah ehn kay too ahs nah-cee-doh.


  • Saying this birthday wish is basically the same thing as telling somebody in English, “and may you complete many more ,”after wishing that person Happy Birthday.
  • Que deciphers into the English “that.”
  • Cumplas is derived from the Spanish verb “cumplir,”meaning “to finish,” “to fulfill,” or “to satisfy.”
  • Muchos is a plural type of the Spanish word “mucho,” signifying “numerous.”
  • Más signifies “all the more” in English.
  • At the point when this statement is tranlated directly, this wish expresses, “that may you complete many more .” generally, you are telling the birthday kid or birthday young lady that you trust he or she has numerous more birthdays after this one.
  • Maintain the whole opinion as kay koom-plahs mooch-ohs mahs.

Happy birthday sayings spanish

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  • While this welcome may appear a bit less birthday-particular, it is an alternate way to wish somebody happiness on his or her birthday.
  • The expression makes an interpretation that, “that you have an happy day.” By utilizing this expression, you are wishing somebody bliss on his or her birthday despite the fact that you are not defining that it is his or her birthday in the expression itself.
  • Que signifies “that,” “feliz” signifies “glad,” and “día” signifies “day.”
  • Tengas is a conjugated manifestation of the verb “tener,” signifying “to have.”
  • pronounce it as kay tehn-gahs oon

Birthday wishes may the year you are going to have in your life bring new sensations of happiness and you spend a happy life ahead belated. Happy birthday to you for friend. Comments rosario nov best. It is really more expressive to greet or wish happy birthday in spanish as the language is very rich belated.

A birthday wish in spanish! for friend. Send this message to a friend though we now walk different paths, i feel better knowing that my brother is nearby for mom. Happy birthday birthday wishes for a brother language.

These are every one of the ways you can say and wish Happy birthday wishes in Spanish Language and on the off chance that you have delighted in the post then keep in mind to observe other articles from the Happy birthday greetings section.