Whatsapp Happy Birthday messages

Whatsapp is the new trend, trend to wish birthdays started with Facebook and now it is continued with the advent of Whatsapp , here is the best collection of Whatsapp Happy Birthday messages.

Short Whatsapp Happy Birthday messages

Hey Happy Birthday , wishing you great beginning and happy ending

I am so glad that you were born because you have enlightened my life with joy and happiness.

Fairies are singing , Sun is glittering with bright sparkles,  You are my angel right from the heaven, today is your birthday and i am parting hard because i love you.

Birthdays are the  nature indication to have more cake.

People love Sundays , but i love birthdays , especially your’s , happy birthday sweetheart.

Birthdays will come & go however the wishes will live respectively with us

People say fairies doesn’t exist,   but since i have met you  , i consider all of them to be liars. Happy Birthday my fairy.

You matter to me as Juliet matters to Romeo , happy birthday .

Since it’s your birthday , You will make the boasts and I will make the toasts.

Eat , Drink , Laugh , Hangout and cheer out buddy , because it’s mate’s   birthday ,  Happy Birthday

Party Hard before hot ladies start saying you sir , Happy Birthday

I wish you a peaceful mind and joyous birthday

Hoping that you have lots and loads of birthday fun.

On your huge day you are wished that all you seek after, that all you long for, every thing of that makes you glad.

On your unique day I wish you to pick a few blossoms, have some tea, and invest your energy leisurely.

With a companion like you, I could party every midnight as if it were your birthday!

The mystery of staying youthful is to live sincerely, eat gradually, and lie about your age.Happy Birthday

Birthdays are beneficial for you. The more you have, the more you live. Happy Birthday

Youth is Happy because of light of the fact that it can see beauty. Any individual who keeps the capacity to see beauty never becomes old.

The happiest individual on the planet is the person who thinks the most fascinating thoughts as we grow, we become satisfied . Happy Birthday.

Let a little daylight get in and a let a bit get out for other individuals also. Happy Birthday!

There is no difference between you and a sunny day. Happy Birthday!

I trust you spend this extraordinary day of the year with your family and companions because they cherish you. Cheerful Birthday!

I wish this is the beginning of a prosperous year for you. Glad Birthday!

Long Whatsapp Happy Birthday Messages

If I a remember person’s birthday without seeing on Facebook , that person is special is to me , and guess what ? your birthday is ringing to my head since past few weeks. So happy birthday to most important person in my life.

On your birthday,
I wish to give you
a few useful tips
Grin until you have teeth.
Happy Birthday

Doubtlessly, great companions recall your birthday and overlook your age.
In any case, incredible companions recollect your birthday
what’s more, get you crushed to the point you overlook your own particular age.
Wishing you an extremely Happy
Numerous glad returns of the day.

Like a crisp dewdrops of another day…
may god’s adoring hands b upon u..
2day to freshn ur soul nd body..
glad b’day 2 u…
4 sister who has D best of everything like
D best materials
D best extras
D best grin
& me obviously
D best sister in D world
Here’s wishing D the best of everything throughout today
We trust you make it to a hundred and two,
Since we can’t even dream
What life would be similar to without you.
Have a sunny and upbeat,
splendid and lovely otherworldly sort of day!
Upbeat Birthday!

Peep… . peep
Peeep , pepepe!
Too bad!
The SMS was in Traffic Jam…
Be that as it may I am not late to wish you. . .
Upbeat Birth day

On this extraordinary day, might you have:
All the delight, your heart can hold;
All the grins, a day can bring;
Furthermore, all the gifts, an existence can develop.
Might God offer you with His bounties and gifts!
Glad Birthday!

A Sizzling festival, a social affair of companions;
here is wishing you extraordinary joy,
& bliss that never closes. ”
We R one in adoration and euphoria,
In affection and in worth,
Thus as one we celebrate,
This day, your day of conception!
Birthdays come once in a year;

Keep the Smile.
Leave the Tear.
Hold the Laugh,
Leave the Pain,
Consider Joy,
Disregard the Fear,
Be Joyous in light of the fact that

Live the length of you may.
The initial a quarter century
are the longest a large portion of your life.
You’re charming and cuddly much the same as a doll
I simply need to snatch your hand furthermore, go for a walk.

Furthermore, all the days advancing ahead
U R uncommon, U R a sister who battles wid me,
plays wid me, propose me & yells at me.
Yet, U r so caring & I cherish U my dear sister.
Glad Birthday 2 U!

What’s more, your’s is close;
Might God give you quality to hold up under;
The cost of facilitating a get-together for all the dears!
An exceptionally upbeat birthday!

A birthday is a million minutes,
Every holding a guarantee of satisfaction of ur dreams,
Furthermore, achievements of some extraordinary arrangements.
Wish U an extremely “Glad Birthday”

The day has come and its so unique.
Today is your birthday day,
I wish you cherish, knowledge, and strenght, on this extraordinary day.
Cheerful Birthday!

A huge number of Greetings;
A huge number of Colors;
Several Wishes;
Several Cakes;
Also, loads of Smiles;
That is the thing that I request that God give you through out your life!
Cheerful Birthday!

A huge number of Greetings,
A huge number of Colors,
Several Wishes,
Kg’s of Cakes,
Parcel’s of Smiles,
That is What I Ask God 2 Give you Throughout your Life!
Cheerful Birthday…

Individuals say that with age comes astuteness.
I don’t think about you however
I’d rather be youthful and
dumb than old and
insightful. HBD !!!

I’m extremely happy when i come
to think about your birthday… 🙂
Your folks definitely pleased with you.
It’s awesome minutes when you
praise your birthday with your folks.

In this way, my dear It’s my bona fide
joy to wish you an extremely Happy Birth Day!
The Happiest Personality
For Your “Birthday”
Is your “Mom”
Who Loved To Own Pain To
Have “You” In Her Life.
Continuously Love Her.
& wishing you HBD !!!

Our adoration will never get old.
That is on account of,
together, we’re everlastingly youthful.
Might we generally drink from the wellspring of youth.
Upbeat birthday, sweetheart!

It probably been a stormy day
when you were conceived,
be that as it may, it wasn’t generally rain,
the sky was crying on the grounds that
it lost his most delightful heavenly attendant..
Cheerful Birthday dear companion

As we watch your birthday now,
Your cake and endowments don’t make a difference much.
These basic things aren’t generally you,
Strips, paper caps and such.
We praise a man who
Conveys satisfaction to everybody,
Somebody who gives more than she gets,
Furthermore, fills our lives with satisfaction and fun.
So Happy Birthday, and some more!