Happy birthday wishes in french

Greetings, birthday wishes , wallpapers in French. French is language of Romance belonging to Indo-European family, which descended from spoken latin language of Roman empire.

There are numerous ways to say happy birthday in french just like other languages but “joyeux anniversaire” is the most direct way of saying happy birthday.

Happy birthday wishes in french can be done in many ways , in this post we will look with Happy birthday greetings in french, happy birthday wishes in french.

Top 3 Happy birthday greetings.

Joyeux anniversaire

  • Want to wish Happy birthday in French ? Simply say joyeux anniversaire.
  • This phase directly states “Happy Birthday”.
  • Joyeux means gleeful , joyous or happy. 🙂 , yeah like the smiley states or say like *blush*.
  • Anniversaire means “”birthday”  or “anniversary” , but usually it alone stands for one’s birthday. Well to remove your confusion let me clear out that “anniversaire de marraige” is appropriate way to refer a wedding anniversary.
  • These term is also shortened as “Joyeux anniv”. Some people even use “annif ” instead of “anniv”. Majority of them don’t but it was important for you to know and it was my duty to tell you.

Bon anniversaire

  • Everyone requires different way of doing something,so Joyeux anniversaire is not the only option you have to wish happy birthday , you can wish “Bon anniversaire!”too, which the second most greeting used to greet happy birthday in France.
  • “Bon ” means “good” something like boon in english!
  • Btw this term translates more as “Have a good birthday” rather than “Happy Birthday.”

Bonne fête

  • Learning to say something in french and avoiding ê & é not possible they are integral part of french language which have it’s origin in Latin language and are integral part of many other languages , basically they are used as pronunciation variants .
  • Bonne and bon means the same , “good”or “well”, only difference is that bonne  is feminine form of the word “bon”.
  • Fête clearly means “celebration.”
  • “Have a good celebration”  \,,/ that’s what Bonne fête means.

So confused where to use which phrase ? we do have solution for you . You can mostly use all the three phrases at any place , but each one of them have their own importance. And this importance about  birthday wishes will be at your par in next few lines

  • Bonne Fete – in Quebec or French Canada.
  • Joyeux anniversaire- in French in France.
  • Bon anniversaire also in France.

More tips for birthday wishes

Writing a card

  • Above you saw the three most popular way to wish someone Happy birthday , now let’s see if you are writing someone card, what should you write ?
  • If you are writing a person you can simply quote as follow :
    “Joyeux anniversaire Name.
    A bientôt,
    Your Name”
    (As we saw joyeux anniversaire means happy birthday , there are two foreign phrases next to it which may seem translucent to  you. “A bientôt” means “See you soon” and you conclude by writing your name in the end. You should be polite so , adding “A bientôt” that is see you soon will make you suave and debonair )
  • If it is going to be group card simply remove “A bientôt” from above and there you go rock and roll.
    “Joyeux anniversaire Name.
    Your Name”
  • Short and simple always works 🙂
  • French people are not as creative as the British people for birthday cards, But you will find choice in papeteries(something that deals with artwork on playing cards or personal cards) and carteries(fancy stationary).

Deciding gift

  • Deciding a gift is always a touchy subject. And experts have views regarding this as ,” Don’t go for anything like Clothing, perfume or any kind of decoration.” You may end up making the birthday person happy or sad. Probability is always 0.5 and it is not recommended until and unless you know the person completely.
  • If you are seriously boggled up what to offer then go with mainstream.Flowers for women and food for men is always good idea. Food can be anything like marcons, wine or chocolates. An orchid in a pot is always good idea to gift the birthday girl.
  • Don’t  wanna be mainstream ? ookay i have couple  of ideas for you , don’t worry. So what you can give to your friend whose ethnicity is French. Few ideas are as follows
    – An amazon voucher , Let him buy whatever he wishes.
    – A magazine subscription, if that person is an avid reader.
    -A Sublime notebook will also be awesome.
    -If she is woman , you can go with a voucher for massage parlor or a  good kitchen knife is she is fond of cooking.
    -Buy them cinema card, movies are always cool.
    – A Handcream of renknowned brand.
  • Have a birthday coming round the corner common pick from any of these ideas and make your move. Do share this article with your friends as well as relatives.

Birthdays in France

Whether you wish someone bon anniversaire or joyeux anniversaire, or you take one more step and wish them with warm flowers , breezing wine,  or delicious chocolates make sure to Raise your glass to the guest of honor and wish him Santé! (To your health!).This term helps you to create your good impression in his/her mind .Just on a humorous note , jot down that a French birthday cake is exactly same as american one but you will more more likely devour the traditional, delicious, French desserts when invited to a French birthday dinner.

Other Birthday wishes in French

  • Exclaim”Passez une merveilleuse journée!” In English, this statement means “have a wonderful day.”
    -Passez is a conjugated form of the French verb “passer,” meaning “pass” or “spend.”
    -Merveilleuse translates into “wonderful.”
    -Une journée means “a day.”
  • Tell someone “meilleurs vœux.” Use this phrase to express your “best wishes” to someone on his or her birthday.Note that this is not an especially common birthday greeting, but it is acceptable to use.
    -Meilleurs translates into “best,” and “vœux” translates into “wishes” or “greetings.”
  • State “félicitations.” Use this greeting to congratulate someone on his or her birthday.
    This is not an especially common way to wish someone “happy birthday,” but it is slightly more common to congratulate someone on his or her birthday in France than in the United States.
    Félicitations translates directly to “congratulations” in English.
  • Ask “quel âge avez-vous?” This question is used to ask someone how old he or she is.Only ask this if you know the person well and have already wished him or her a happy birthday. This can easily be misconstrued as rude. You wouldn’t ask a stranger how old they are in English, after all!
    -Quel means “what” or “which.”
    -The French word “âge” means “age” in English.

Longer Birthday Greetings

  • State “Je vous souhaite plein de bonheur en cette journée spéciale.” This sentence roughly translates to “wishing you every happiness on your special day” or “I wish you lots of happiness on this special day.”
    -Je means “I” and vous is a direct object pronoun used to refer to “you.”
    -Souhaite means “wish,” plein means “full,” de means “of,” and bonheur” means “happiness.”
    -En means “on,” cette means “this,” journée means “day,” and spéciale means “special.”
  • Tell someone “Que vous puissiez être heureux (or heureuse, if your interlocutor is female) encore de nombreuses années!” This sentiment means something along the lines of “many happy returns” or “many happy years to come.” You are essentially wishing someone many more happy birthdays to come.
    -Que here means “may,” vous means “you,” puissiez means “(to) be able,” être means “(to) be,” and heureux (-se) means “happy.
    -“Encore means “still” or “yet” and expresses the “still to come” part of this sentiment.Nombreuses means “many” and années means “years.”
  • Wish “Que tous vos désirs se réalisent.” This sentiment means “May all your dreams/wishes come true.
    -“Tous means “all” and vos means “your.”
    -Désirs can mean “desires,” “dreams,” or “wishes.”
    -Se réalisent means “to be brought about.”

French birthday vocabulary

  • birthday == “un anniversaire”
  • birthday cake == “un gâteau d’anniversaire”
  • birthday card == “une carte d’anniversaire”
  • birthday party == “une fête/soirée pour son anniversaire”
  • birthday present ==” un cadeau d’anniversair”
  • in one’s birthday suit == “en costume d’Adam / d’Ève”
  • to blow out the candles, to celebrate one’s birthday  == “souffler ses bougies”
  • When is your birthday? ==  “Quelle est la date / Quel est le jour de ton anniversaire ?”
  • What did you get for your birthday? == “Qu’est-ce que tu as eu pour ton anniversaire”

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