Happy Birthday Cards and wishes

Happy Birthday to the beloved person you are going to send the card to.

Recently there was time when we used to personally visit the person and wish him/her Happy Birthday with the Happy Birthday Cards , but with the advent of internet industry the physical card distribution has been decreased considerably, and people go for Happy Birthday Cards in form of images and wallpapers.

So here is the collection of Happy Birthday Cards for your father, happy birthday cards for mother, for sister, for a brother. Happy birthday card for the friend, boyfriend, girlfriend or lover.

Best Happy Birthday Cards

May your birthday basket be filled to the rim with great things that you really love. Happy Birthday!

It’s going to come. Mother Nature just thinks it’s so funny to send those birthdays year after year. Shame on her!

Wishes that each happy hour of your day bring more and more exciting moments your way!

Knowing you has been one of the most impactful relationships of my life. You’re great! By the way…that was your gift. OK…Now back to your regularly scheduled program of sarcasm and teasing! Happy Birthday!

When I think of you, I get all fuzzy on the inside. You’re a sweet person and I’m so thankful for how much you are a part of my life. Happy Birthday!

On your birthday, try to stay in the “safe zone”. It’s just like using your cell plan, stay in the boundaries and nobody gets hurt! Happy Birthday!

Let your little light shine…everywhere you go! “Ye are the light of the world.” Matthew 5:14

Each and everything about your birthday will be worth enjoying. Take it all in little by little, bit by bit, and make the wonderful last and last!

Today is about you, all that you are, and all that you do. Happy Birthday to a fantastic person!

My most sincere hopes for your birthday to be as wonderful as you have always been to me! Happy Birthday!

Do a lot of new stuff. Try not to get into any trouble. It’s your birthday…enjoy!

Loving, smiling, and showing that you care are the secret to staying young. Happy Birthday. You, obviously, have known this secret for years!

Don’t mistake this drink for mine. It is actually a birthday gift for you that I’m just testing out. Yup…it’s good

It is such a perfect day with all the winds and lights around, with all the stars in the sky moving closer to us. All this to wish you a Happy Birthday. I am so glad that I met you in my life. I have learned so much from you, and I sincerely admire the way you fail to age even one bit every year. I wish you a very happy and memorable Birthday.

Who knew that we would have robots that can clean our carpets? Seems like life is getting more and more simple and more and more scary…all at the same time. Happy Birthday!

You are such an angel. Like Psalm 4:7, you make my heart glad with your kindness. You make me believe that angel’s are right here among us. Happy Birthday!

You know it’s a celebration when the First Lady of Fun wants in! Happy Birthday!

May pretty flowers greet you on your sweet birthday. May you get all that you wish and may wonderful things come your way!

Everybody needs hope and birthday wishes are the perfect way to get it! Make yours amazing!

May your birthday be great to your soul, just like classic rock! Happy Birthday!

Awesome Happy Birthday Cards

The care you give is made special by your tender touch. Everyone who knows you can see that you love children so much. Happy Birthday To Our Wonderful Day Care Provider!

With every birthday, comes a new beginning and new lanes to walk on. Choose to begin on the right lanes, always trust what you believe in. May you have a successful year. Happy Birthday.

Go somewhere special for your birthday. That’s one of the best ways to celebrate!

May you get a lot of great stuff on your birthday. May you be as happy as a lark! Happy Birthday!

The best things in life come at a cost but the best Birthday cake always comes for free! Hoping to eat lots of cake on your Birthday today. Wishing you a super year ahead.

Many dream, but only some try. Some try, but only few achieve. May you dream, try and achieve. I wish you luck, courage and faith to do it all. May you have a wonderful life. Happy Birthday.

Birthday wishes for a day that is full of wonderful things that God has created and all of His promises!

I hope that your birthday is celebrated with a joy unspeakable, the marvelous love of God and others, and a wonderful place for you to exist in this awesome world that He created! Happy Birthday!

Figuring out someone’s age is easy…unless you stink in math like me. Happy Birthday, however old you are!

I could say, “Happy Birthday” all day long and never really fully make you understand how important it will be for me that you have a “Happy Birthday”!! That’s my wish for you.

May the blessings of another birthday uplift your spirits and your life! Happy Birthday!

You’ve invited us to your Birthday party, right? I’ve told everyone to come. Happy Birthday!

What you do to our world is, in a word, beautify…with your warm smile and the way that you live your life. Happy Birthday! May it be a day that’s twice as nice!

I’m starting to think that you don’t really get the whole “you’re supposed to look older with each year” thing. Happy Birthday To An Eternally Young Beauty!

There are stars that are just waiting to be wished on. Be sure to get your wish in today! Happy Birthday!

Just knowing you is wonderful, and knowing that God made you to be a blessing to others is even more fantastic! Happy Birthday!

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