Facebook icon 2020 ❤️❤️❤️ also known as the facebook emoticon ✅✅✅ has a brief implication we want to say. Let SoShareIT.Com write down the feelings on facebook icon.

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iCon Facebook Common

icon facebook common

iCon facebook Symbols character format

iCon facebook symbols character format

iCon Simple Character Format

iCon simple character format

iCon Facebook Technology and life

iCon facebook technology and life

iCon Facebook animals and nature

iCon Facebook animals and nature new

iCon Facebook flowers, fruit, food

iCon facebook flowers , fruit, food

iCon Facebook sports and outdoor activities

iCon facebook sports and outdoor, activities

iCon Facebook transportation

iCon facebook transportation new

iCon Facebook flag countries

iCon facebook flag countries new

What is the Facebook icon?

Facebook icons are emoticons used exclusively on Facebook , used primarily to post new posts, to comment or message each other.

Currently, there are many types of facebook icons that have been updated at SoShareIT Vietnam and.

Use Facebook Icon – effective marketing method that is not known by many people

At the moment, online marketing and business is growing extremely fast and strong. Then if you know how to use Facebook Icon . Surely it will become an extremely effective method, worthy of current attention!

Practical applications Icon Facebook brings

Facebook Icons  are also known as special characters, emoticons. It brings some of the most obvious benefits to mention:

Help famous on social networks

According to many studies and surveys. Experts have found that social media icons are closely related to power. In particular, the most influential characters on these websites often use Icon.

Icon Facebook

Icon Facebook

Scientists also point out that. When using the Face icon, viewers will associate directly with the poster face like the Icon face. Our brain will recognize this Icon itself, so it becomes an extremely effective way of expressing faces and emotions.

Improve work efficiency

Many people think that the work should be serious, should not use the Facebook Icon types But not only Facebook, but also Zalo, Mocha, Line, Gmail…. Also allows users to use many different types of Icons.

Research indicates that the use of the Icon can study the response of the message recipient. Even the Icon makes it more friendly. From there, sometimes it can improve work efficiency.

Criticisms – softer criticism

No one wants to receive criticism and criticism. Especially when his “boss” fastidious Mail sent scold words like a slap in the face. These emoticons will help employees tend to listen and modify. Instead of being dissatisfied with the “cold water ladders” given by the boss.

So learning how to use the Facebook Icon is really important. It will help you keep your employees. As well as improving the quality of work, the ability to work of employees.

Help you more friendly

A lot of people have responded that they prefer to talk to Icon users more on Facebook. Because a conversation full of words and words quickly becomes boring. Instead, if using Icon, viewers will be more interested in the topic of conversation.

Meanwhile, it also helps viewers remember what was read. Help greatly improve memory, awareness of viewers.

Create a happy working atmosphere

Working through Skype, Facebook, Zalo … is currently very popular. Especially for you to do online, Icon icons will support the most to create an atmosphere. A smiley, winking smiley icon sometimes helps to create a happier atmosphere.

Sometimes office fights are just because we don’t express the look we want when we work online. Using more icons will make the online workplace become much more interesting.

It is not natural that the Facebook Icon was born again. It helps a lot in expressing users’ emotions. So the use of more Icon greatly contributes to increased work efficiency, user friendliness. So you refer to some of this Icon offline! It will make using it much simpler and easier!

What kind of Facebook Icon should you use?

Facebook offers many different types of icons for you to use. We can look at a number of options such as:


Speaking of emoticons, it is the Icon that has the most users today. These icons often have a face shape, with lots of different shades.

From smiling, grinning, showing teeth, smiling with eyes closed, rolling around, sad, winking, lip sticking, thinking, drowsiness …. Each Icon can be used according to different situations, suitable for your purposes.

Hand and human symbols

This type of Icon usually has the image of a hand or a person who is doing something. These hand gestures can be fists, likes, dislike, hands, writing, clapping, pointing, pointing, oke, listening….

Or you can also choose the icons child, detective, doctor, old man, old woman, santa, a family, skiing, golf … However, hand gestures still have a larger number of users at the moment.

Heart, clothes, activities

This type of character is also used by many people today. It can be fruits looking for colors red, pink, yellow, green, purple, blue, black, broken heart, gift wrapped heart ….

Or lips, diamond rings, gift boxes, bikinis, skirts, shirts, pants, clogs, sandals, high heels, western shoes…. It can also be table tennis, badminton, archery tennis, fishing …. You can rely on the activities you want to do, are doing to choose to use offline!

Food and drink

Users can also use food and drink to express what they want to eat and invite others to eat. Including fruits like green apple, red apple, pear, orange, peach, watermelon, banana, grape ….

Or there are dishes such as chicken thighs, pizza, fried eggs, shushi, hotpot, noodles, chips, lunch boxes, rice balls, white rice …. There are also some other desserts such as cake, gato, lollipop, popcorn, cake, milk … for you to use.


Animals are also used in these symbols. Including cats with many expressions such as smiling, grinning, laughing tears, smiling, sad, angry ….

There are also countless other animals for you to choose. From black bear, grizzly bear, panda, pig, tiger, lion, deer, butterfly, squid, octopus …. These items are very few options, so it is not the most common icon type.

Tree, flowers, weather

Plants, flowers, weather can also become an option for you to use icons in Facebook. Including many species of flowers such as roses, sunflowers, tramweed 3 leaves, maple leaves, coconut trees, cactus ….

You can also use weather icons directly. Including sunshine, rain, cloudy sky, showers, tornadoes …. And the icons for lightning, fire, light, water, meteor and planet let you choose there.

Tourism means, location, works

Users can also choose from cars, trucks, motorcycles, motorcycles, airplanes, rockets, ships, satellites, etc. Or the kind of big and small works such as houses, churches, hospitals, stadiums, temples …. Plenty of different options for you to choose from.


There are many different types of objects for you to use the Facebook Icon . You can use smartphones, laptops, monitors, keyboards, printers, mice, game consoles, disks, magnetic disks, etc.

Special symbol

Users can also use different icons to create accents. Including dots, question marks, X marks, O signs, the symbols of the day. Make sure you have countless attractive options to use.


The national flag of any nation in the world can become a special character. So you can freely choose the flag you want. Make sure you guys will like it.

Warehouse Icon Facebook extremely diverse, many attractive options for users. You can consider choosing according to your purpose, your interests. From there find out the type of Icon beautiful, best suited to the situation you want.

Questions when using the ICon Facebook application

Q : Does your website have a list of facebook icons?

Answer : Our website has a list of all symbols available.

Q : What kind of icons does your Facebook icon have?

Answer : SoShareIT Vietnam’s application has icons such as.

  • iCon Facebook common
  • iCon Facebook character format
  • Technology and life
  • Animals and nature
  • Fruit leaves, food
  • Transport
  • National flags.
  • Click on the facebook icon to use the application.

Question : What if I want to use facebook icon right away?
Answer : Just click here to use the Facebook Icon application.

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